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About The Cremation

The Cremation Process

Step 1. Through the use of intense heat, the body is transformed back to its basic elements. What would take many years to happen naturally is accomplished in minutes by the modern technology used in our cremation process. Once the cremation has taken place, purified bone fragments are left remaining.

Step 2. There is a cool-down period of 30 minutes to 1 hour before the cremation chamber can be opened.

Step 3. Once the cool-down period has passed, the unit is carefully cleaned out. The contents are then swept into a stainless-steel tray. Along with the bone fragments, there are sometimes other non-combustible materials such as a medical prosthesis, metal from a collar, etc. These will be removed, leaving only the bone fragments for the final step in our cremation service.

Step 4. The bone fragments are further processed into a fine, sand-like texture. The processed remains of the family pet, now termed cremains, are placed into a plastic bag in preparation for placement into either a ceramic urn or a specialty urn, as selected by the pet owner. The urn is then placed in a white box along with our certificate of verification of cremation. The urn is sealed upon request by the owner.

Types of Cremation

Private Cremation

When your family pet is brought directly to us at Precious Pet Cremation, we will first ensure that any special requests are made before the cremation process takes place. Requests may include setting aside and saving a lock of hair, the family pet's collar, blanket, or other items. Any special items will be placed with the pet. Items you are allowed to use are flowers, wheat grass, a letter/note, or a favorite toy.

You have the option to spend some private time with your pet to say your final farewell in our quiet room.

Your cherished companion will be treated with the same care, dignity, and respect that any person would expect to receive. We guarantee that the cremains you receive back from our private cremation service will be that of your family pet and only your family pet.

Depending on the arrangements that have been made, once the cremation has been completed, we will return your pets cremated remains (cremains) along with a certificate verifying that a Private cremation has taken place and signed by our cremation chamber operator.

As per your request, your pet's ashes will be returned to the Veterinary Clinic or Hospital as part of our service.

Witnessed Cremation

For those who want to be there during the start of the cremation process, we offer the Witnessed Cremation. With this service, you may be present for the beginning of the cremation process. A "Witnessed Cremation" allows you to ensure the cremation chamber is clean and empty before your pet is placed into the cremation chamber. Witnessed cremation guarantees your pet's cremains will be ready to be taken home immediately following the cremation process.

Due to the nature of a witnessed cremation, at least 24 hours notice is necessary to make arrangements for this service. Booked witnessed cremations must be done at 10:00 am before other cremations have taken place. There is only one witnessed cremation per day since the cremation chamber must be cool to begin the process.

We have designed a special, quiet room allowing you to spend time with your pet before the cremation takes place. Due to our facility only having one designated viewing room, we ask that families take their time saying their goodbyes. Please be mindful of other families that may also need to use this space. Only one family at a time is allowed in our viewing room.

There is an extra charge for this personalized service, and we require notice if you wish to be present.

Communal Cremation

This service is available for those who do not wish to have the ashes of their family pet returned. It is for those who are simply seeking a less expensive aftercare alternative.

During a Communal cremation, several family pets are cremated together. Since there is no reliable way to separate the pets or their remains, there is no return of ashes.

Our Communal cremation service also includes the spreading of all communal cremains here on our twenty acres of peaceful country property.

Although there is no return of ashes, we will supply a certificate of cremation with the family pet's name and the date of cremation, signed by our cremation chamber operator, only if requested, at no extra charge.

Contact us to discuss any questions you may still have regarding our family pet aftercare options so that we can further assist you most effectively. We have been doing this for a long time and would like to assure you that there is no need to be apprehensive about asking questions, as we have probably heard them all before.

It would be our privilege to offer you our extensive aftercare options to help you design the type of service you feel will be a fitting tribute to our client's precious pets.

Our Crematorium

The Power-Pak II Pet / Pathological Cremation System:

We have chosen the Power-Pak II Pet/Pathological Cremation System for several reasons, with Safety being most important. The Power-Pak II is Underwriters Laboratories (UL) listed, which is the most widely recognized measure of safety compliance. We are licensed and regularly inspected, meeting or exceeding standards of operation.

Another important reason for choosing The Power-Pak II Cremation System is its Environmental Acceptance. Independent testing laboratories have tested the Power-Pak II to state and federal regulatory standards, which surpasses.

There is an Automatic Control System, making this unit fully automatic. We load it, set the controls, and it completes its cycle automatically, shutting itself off upon completion. A lighted control panel provides easy verification of every step.

The conveniently located annunciator panel allows the operator to monitor the cremation process from beginning to end. Colour-coded lights indicate the status of safety interlocks, burner service, and cycle times.

The Afterburner System allows complete combustion of smoke and odor, resulting in minimal particulate emissions. The retention time of gases in the after-chamber is as high as two seconds. Gases traveling in the after-chamber experience 90-degree turns for maximum turbulence, retention, and mixing.

The exclusive exhaust cooling system cools the exhaust gases before they are discharged into the stack and out to the atmosphere. This is a desirable feature that ensures against thermal pollution and obnoxious odors associated with hot gases.

This unit is furnished with a pollution monitoring and control system that constantly regulates and checks stack emissions and opacities, taking appropriate action automatically to prevent pollution problems before they arise.

This unit is constructed with a heavy-duty steel structure and casing to ensure consistent and thorough support of all refractory materials.

Refractory block insulates the chambers to retain heat. We protect this insulation from damage, wear, and exposure by lining the chambers with rigid, high-temperature, first-quality refractory brick designed to withstand the stresses of the cremation process.

High-quality refractory and insulating products in standard shapes and sizes are used throughout the unit's construction. Hot-surface refractories are rated more than 3,000 degrees F and are backed with insulating refractory. All refractories are steel-encased to eliminate uncontrolled air infiltration.

We are satisfied with the performance of our Power-Pak II Cremation System and the efficiency with which it allows us to provide this service to our clients.

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